Dr. Alban
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Music: Pop, Dance

Alban Uzoma Nwapa (born 26 August 1957), better known by his stage name Dr. Alban, is a Nigerian-Swedish recording artist and producer with his own record label, Dr. Records.

Dr.Alban is the most popular Nigerian Musician.

Nwapa’s songs have very meaningful lyrics, and they tell a lot about his life in Nigeria, before he ever got to Sweden. This is important to consider, because in the days of the 80s and 90s Eurodance was popular. And Eurodance meant singers with almost meaningless lyrics. Music was then a combination of beats and a few lyrics, which most of the time meant very little. In contrast to this, Doctor Alban’s songs meant a whole lot.

The first song he debuted in is Hello Afrika. This is the first song ever produced by Doctor Alban and it almost immediately got to the Top 10 in all European song lists, but the next song by the Doctor, No Coke, has immediately surpassed it in this list, soon getting up to first place. That means, that for a long time No Coke was the most popular song in Europe.

However, it should not be assumed that that is all he has done. There are many, many other songs by this wonderful author, and all were hits at one time or another. It’s my life was the song that made the biggest impact ever, rendering Doctor Alban the best dance singer for a long time on.

Nobody thought there would be a song to surpass “It’s my life”, but the next two singles almost did that. Those two songs were Sing hallelujah and “Look who’s talking”, and both of these songs had an unprecedented success. The former has an unforgettable melody and is mixed with gospel element. This makes it a very unique piece, and one that everyone liked a lot. Hallelujah was remixed tens of times, was played on thousands of parties, over and over and it is literally an anthem of the 90s. This is also the most remade song, and many other authors have sung it.

The second, Look who’s talking, is the name of his album and too is considered one of his best tracks. It is also considered one of the most complex in terms of lyrics and meaning. It takes a few minutes to actually understand the meaning in it, and sadly, rarely do people take the time to look into what the song really means.

By the time 1996 arrived, Doctor Alban has become the most well-known and celebrated singer in the whole world. Then he began experimenting, and his songs belong to many different genres, like reggae, jungle and many others. There is one thing that makes his songs like one another – this is the African influence, as you will be able to hear African-style instruments in all his songs.Source:

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