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666 the number of the beast – with a blast from the past …
90s legends 666 return with full-power comeback.

A major force in the latter half of the ‘90s, German duo 666 finally return with
a bang after a lengthy hiatus. It’s been well worth the wait, with their mighty
anthem EXIT THE ARENA the first fruit of their renewed partnership.

In the nineties, 666 scored chart hits across the globe with catchy tracks like
D.E.V.I.L. and ALARMA!, with Gold and Platinum sales certifications in several
territories such as France, Korea and Scandinavia. They also spent 112 weeks
in the Canadian Sales Charts with PARADOXX. Their infectious blend of hard
trance and Euro techno with unforgettable vocal hooks made them a huge
success across the world. Author and producer of all 666 tunes are Thomas
Detert and Mike Griesheimer – they definitely discovered the sound of the future
when they started up “666” in 1997.

The live performance today is a really crazy and amazing show with
frontman DEMON and producer MIKE RED, both in full effect …

Since 1997 the group has established themselves in the dance music scene,
despite their look and their name. Only a few of their successes to date:
-6 Charts-Hits in Germany and Austria
-4 TOP 20 Hits in France ( 2 Gold & 2 Silver Awards )
-5 TOP 10 Hits in Scandinavia ( 4 Gold & 1 Platinum )
-5 TOP 40 Hits in the EURO-CHARTS
-2 TOP 40 Hits in UK ( 18 D.E.V.I.L & 30 Alarma )
-2 Number 1 Hits ( 7″ AMOKK & LP PARADOXX )
-1 Double Platinum LP “PARADOXX” in Korea
-* 112 weeks in the Canadian Sales Charts
with the Hit-Single “PARADOXX” !!
They recieved several GOLD and PLATINUM records all over the world…….
Spain, Sweden, Finland, Holland, Canada, Australia Russia, Tschech Rep.,
Portugal, Poland, Italy,Mexico , Argentinia and in nearly all Far-East territories
like Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore !!